We offer a range of services which you can learn about in the section below

Survey Report (Consulting)

And that by either conducting a site visit (to existing projects) to provide you with a detailed report of the general condition of the existing products and whether it is functioning well.
conducting a site visit (to new/upcoming projects) to gather comprehensive information about the current state so we can provide you later with the best power solutions.

Sizing & Design

In addition to the distribution of batteries and related products, DAF is specialized in the sizing and calculation of your application depends on the capacity and required backup time.

DAF can as well design and customize special products for certain devices depends on the layout given by the customer to meet their specifications.

Our team will always guide you in determining your needs to find the solutions that best suits your requirement.


Through conducting installation supervision or complete installation of new supplied/delivered systems along with disassembling of existing ones based on the client’s needs.

Testing & Commissioning

And that by conducting the tests based on manufacturer’s recommendations/standards, international standards and in line with clients.

Factory Training

We can provide you with local & international factory training applied to the operation and maintenance of the supplied systems.