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Aerospace & Defense
Buildings & Industries
Telecom & Network

DAF can provide a full power solution for A&D equipment sector such as
Aviation, Space, Defense.

DAF works across a wide range of Industry and Building Sector such as Mining, Cement, Chemicals, Data Centers.

DAF power solutions can be highly found throughout the health sector due to its reliability such as Hospital Buildings, Medical Devices.

DAF can provide a long life, power sources for such market sector as Security Systems, Internet, Metering, Telecom.

Oil & Gas

DAF can provide a full power solution for such market where unusual harsh environment exist.

DAF brand products can almost exist in every mode of transport such as Industrial & Commercial Vehicles, Racing, Rail, Marine, Transportation Infrastructure.

DAF power solutions can safely and effectively be executed in such utilities as Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution, Renewables & Microgrids, Off-Grid.